Adding YouTube Videos to Your WordPress Website The Smart Way.

This week on video marketing Monday, we’re talking about how to incorporate videos on your word press website, the best way to do it.  You better stay tuned.  Welcome to another week of video marketing Monday, where yours truly, the one and only, Justin Holderness, discusses the latest YouTube trends, video advertising trends, video marketing ideas that are going to explode, your business.  Now I want to talk to you about how you should incorporate video to your WordPress website.  The reason why I use WordPress is because there are so many plugins out there that one help with your SEO but two also help you develop a really interesting really cool really customer friendly website.  Now Drupal, Joomla, those other content management systems, that’s what they are called, CMSs, allow you to do the same thing.  I’ve found personally that word press has a lot more to offer when it comes to these plugins.  So we are going to go through some of these plugins, how it can work when it comes to your video page on your website.  Whether it be testimonials, FAQs or any sort of content that you’re trying to give to your clients in order for them to make the right decision which is your company.  So let’s get right into it.  Now I am going to start by showing you what we incorporated into our website when it came to our video format. If you go to our homepage you can see this click here to see our work button.  Now our product is video production and video marketing.  We want to showcase our work, we want to show our potential clients, the visitors to our website, what we have done for other clients.  So let’s go to this click here to see our work button.  Now you can see it sends us to a page of thumbnails with videos on them.  And we’ve organized them in a way that it’s easy for whoever is coming to the website to find exactly what they are looking for.  So if they are looking to do a testimonial campaign they can click on testimonial campaign.  If they are looking to do FAQ videos they can do the same. And then they simply click on the video and play it.  Now the two things that we are going to add to this page is another video here at the top right corner and a contact form. We want to give them the ability to contact us once they see the work and they get a chance to see really who we are, and they make that decision “I want to contact them.”  Now the reason why we add the video to the right, is to give us an overview of what this page is all about.  A trailer to the actual page it self.  Now this feature on my website is what’s considered a plugin.  A plugin is something that a separate developer, a third party developer has created, that you can then incorporate into  your website. I am not going to bog you down with all the technical aspects, on how to incorporate this plugin, you can send that to your web development team.  If you are interested in that specific video, then just comment in the comment section below.  I’d be happy to create one for a specific plugin, but what I am going to show you is some alternatives to this specific plugin.  The reason being is this plugin is no longer available.  For whatever reason, the developer no longer creates this plugin, it’s no longer available on the market.  A number of plugins are free, but I use actual website to purchase these plugins, becuase there is more credibility associated with them.  Let’s take a look at a number of these alternatives.  Now I use to purchase my plugins.  It’s a reputable site, there’s reviews associated with each plugin so you get a sense of how well it’s doing.  You can see the number of sales, so if something has a high sales volume, and a good rating, then I will go with that plugin.  To find the plugins for your word press site, go to WordPress, when you are on and then we are going to simply click on it, and you can search in this category, that specific plugin.  So you can search video gallery plugin and search for that specificly.  I am not going to go through all of them.  I have already selected a few, so I am going to go straight to those plugins. The first one I came across is WP YouTube video posts.  As we can see it has 284 comments, 581 sales and the buyer rating is about 4 and a 1/2 star.  That tells us that there is credibility with this plugin.  Let’s take a look at a live preview of this plugin.  It’s a video playlist, so you can incorporate your video playlist straight from YouTube into this plugin.  It gives you the opportunity to organize videos by category on one single webpage.  So if I was a PI attorney I could create FAQs specifically about car wrecks and it could be all car wreck FAQs within this playlist.  Then people people could find exactly what they are looking for within this playlist.  It’s easy way to organize and incorporate onto your WordPress site.  Now the next one I came across was this ultimate 3D carousel.  Let’s take a look at the live preview for that.  As you can see, it’s really cool from a visual standpoint but it’s kind of separated with this navigation bar down here. But if you click on these thumbnails then a video pops up.  It’s similar to my webpage in that you click on the thumbnail and the video pops up, and it’s really cool from a visual standpoint, but me personally I am not really interested in seeing this navigation bar.  I feel it kind of disconnects the actual webpage. It doesn’t incorporate seamlessly.  Now the next one I came across was this Royal Video Player.  The one tough thing about this is that there’s only 28 sales and it has a 5 star rating but 28 sales does not give you a clear indication of how credible this plugin is.  Let’s take a look at the live preview.  I do like the format of this, it gives you an opportunity to organize your videos in a player with a gallery, in separate categories.  So say this playlist is our testimonials that has to do with car wrecks if we were a PI attorney.  You can click these arrows to see other thumbnails, it’s easy to navigate, if we click play, you can also include your actual logo in the right hand corner.  I like this plugin and the functionality but it needs to be tested more to really understand if there is any bugs or fixes that need to be addressed.  Now the next plugin is this YouTube SEO playlist for word press.  Now this one again, has the actual playlist incorporated so you create your playlist on YouTube and then you can incorporate it on your website.  Let’s take a look at the actual video player and what it looks like.  It’s pretty simple.  Again you can incorporate separate playlist on one page, that way you can categorize them.  Again if you’re a PI attorney, you can do testimonials about car wrecks, testimonials about truck wrecks, slip and falls, so on and so forth, and break them down into separate categories.  It’s beneficial, because you’re giving your clients exactly what they are looking for and you’re giving it to them in volume. It’s an easy way for them to navigate what they are looking for when it comes to your video content.  So another one that we came across was Videoshow.  Now I really like the look of this one, but again only 37 sales and there needs to be a minimum of 3 votes in order to get a rating. There has not been 3 votes on this yet so we don’t really know what the verdict is.  But let’s take a look at the live preview. So I like the functionality of it.  It’s clean looking but there is one other thing I want to look at.  If you size it down, it becomes responsive.  So if you are looking at it on a tablet or a cell phone, then the video player shrinks.  That’s a really cool feature as well.  Now the next one I want to look at is this sort-able video embedded WordPress plugin.  Now 213 sales this person is actually an elite author so that tells you that there is actual credibility with the plugin.  61 comments and a 4 and 1/2 star rating.  So 213 sales 4 and 1/2 star rating pretty good when it comes to credibility.  Let’s take a look at the live preview.  This plugin functions similar to the one that’s incorporated into the one that’s on my website.  But let’s really take a look at it.  So if you click on featured videos you can see that all the featured videos show up.  Featured, nature, trailers, all.  And if you click on the video it takes you up here again, and you simply click play.  I really like the functionality of this one, again I would put a featured here at the top and a contact form here to the left. Now I use WordPress because it is so flexible when it comes to these plugins.  You have the ability to incorporate a number of things into your website, that are extremely beneficial for your potential clients, in terms of navigating and converting.  So at the end of the day, you see revenue from the traffic that is coming to your website.  So if you know somebody that can use this video, a business owner, a friend, a family member a co-worker, no matter who it is share this video with them.  If you don’t you’re like the person that decides they’re going to take something from the produce section at the store, before paying for it.  Super lame.  Don’t be that guy, share this video with someone you know and love.  Click that subscribe button.  If you want to see an actual tutorial of one of these plugins, being incorporated into a website, let me know in the comment section below.  Give this video a thumbs up.  If you have an alternative to the plugins I showcased in this video leave it in the comment section below.  We want to hear about it.  I look forward to seeing you guys each and every week.  Make sure you share this video. I’ll see you guys next week. What exactly is a Facebook dark post?  While it’s our ability as advertisers to end up in the news feed of a target audience.  It’s crazy how detailed we can get when it comes to this audience.  You can look at purchase behavior, consumer behavior, we can look at there demographic interest, we can look at their work history.

When Adding YouTube videos to your WordPress website it is important to do it strategically. As a video marketing company, we use WordPress to incorporate YouTube videos into our WordPress website.  We personally choose WordPress because of it’s flexibility, ease of use, and the open platform for developers, giving us a number of plugins and tools that result in revenue and conversions.  When adding video to your website it is important to keep the visitor in mind.  Give your potential clients the format necessary to find the information they are looking for. Here are a couple plugins that could help you organize these videos in a way that makes it easy for your visitors to find the content they are looking for.  The content that will help them make an educated consumer decision.

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