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Curious about how to make gifs for Facebook?  Typically it takes some expertise, however I recently came across a couple tools that could help with creating gifs and your content marketing strategy. allows you to create gifs from YouTube videos.  You can also add text to these gifs.  To take it a step further you can then use to post these playable gifs to Facebook.  I encourage you to test it out and share your gif in the comment section below!  If you have a different resource on how to make gifs, share it in the comment section below.

Welcome to another week of Video Marketing Monday, where yours truly, the one and only Justin Holderness, discusses the latest YouTube trends, video advertising trends, video marketing ideas, thoughts, things that are going to, you know and I know, explode your business. Now this week I want to talk about a tool I came across called, Make Gif and Giphy.  These tools together allow you to create gifs and share them within your social media platforms.  It is a great alternative to long form video.  Let’s get right into it.  Let’s take a look at how these two pieces combined can really change your content marketing strategy.  First I am going to show you how to download this Make Gif extension onto your Google Chrome browser.  Fire Fox, Internet Explorer, I believe they have access to Make Gif as well but I typically use Chrome specifically. I already have it as an extension and what an extension is, it’s an app for your actual browser.  Here in the right hand corner you’re going to click on this tab in Chrome, go to settings, then you are going to go to extensions, and as you can see I already have the Make Gif extension on my actual browser, but for you, you’re going to go down to get more extensions, and then you are going to search Make Gif; MAKEGIF.  It is right here.  I can rate it because I already have it downloaded and it says free here, so you are going to click on what would be on your actual browser free. So you are going to click on that, it’s going to download it and it’s going to end up right here in this right hand corner.  As you can see I have it right here already.  We have to find a piece of content we want to make a gif out of.  We make them out of actual videos. We take a portion of a video and make a gif out of that.  So, let’s go to which I have right here, and we are going to go to the prelinger archives.  Now this is public domain. We are allowed to use this content because it’s been established as public domain. We are allowed to use it.  We don’t have to give any credit to it or any licensing, which is why I like to use  You have to make sure whatever content you do decide to use, is royalty free, and you’re not going to have any issues in regards to copyright.  Let’s search car wreck; let’s say we are an attorney and we want to come up with a gif for our Facebook page, car wreck. Now I already found this because I want this video to be short and concise and get straight to the point, but how to avoid an accident.  I specifically want to go in the 1:25 range is where I saw the frames I want, so right around there I am going to click on this little icon in the right hand corner, my Make Gif icon.  It says cross domain access denied, would you like to open original source; so I can open the original source and make a gif out of it. Click OK.  So it starts over.  Let’s get back to that 1:25 area.  Now this isn’t specifically what I want to capture.  It is the next scene.  Let’s get this next scene, and we are going to pause it before the scene starts, and then up here you can see there is a start button. Let’s click start.  The car is driving, it’s out of the way and done.  It created this looping gif, this looping image, that we can now use as part of our social media campaign. It gives us frame options.  I want to add text.  Stay safe on those wet roads.  I am sure you can come up with something a little bit more creative than that, but we are going to click OK. Stay safe on those wet roads; so it automatically creates a caption for us. Let’s generate the gif.  Now save the gif.  It automatically downloads for us.  We want it to show in folder.  We are going to open up that folder and it’s right here, this animation 7 in our downloads. Now what I am going to do is, is I am going to go to and this is what’s going to allow us to share it on our Facebook page, our Twitter, on things like that.  That is G I P H Y .COM.  We are going to upload our actual gif, so click upload.  Click here and it was under our downloads folder, as animation 7.  We can add tags and that really just helps on Giphy, it doesn’t really help you with any of your SEO purposes, but we will just add them.  You can also add a source URL. I like to do this just because it is good habit. We are going to go to the original URL where we got the content.  We are going to back to Giphy, add that source URL, upload the gif.  So now our gif’s right here uploading. Now we want to share it on Facebook.  We are going to click this Facebook button.  I am going to put it on a group, but you can also use it as a page manager. Whatever you want to do, but I am going to share it in a group I have for testing purposes. Test.  Stay safe on those wet roads.  Dot dot dot.  Happy Monday.  We are going to share the link.  Now I am going to go to Facebook, so that you can see an example of it.  We are going to go down to my test group. As you can see it’s sitting right here, so if I click play, it starts playing.  This is a really cool tool to use in order to get micro content out quickly.  If you are struggling with certain ideas or struggling with content that’s relatable and is a real attention grabber this is a great tool to use. So as always friends, if this video helped you in any sort of way, I want you to leave a thumbs up.  If it didn’t help you still give it a thumbs up.  If you know someone that can use this video, you really should share it with them.  If you don’t share it with them, you are like, probably the worse person I know.  You are being selfish. Let’s be honest here.  People can use this video. Give it to people that can use it. Thanks guys, I appreciate you guys each and every week for watching these videos.  Now if you have a certain tool that you use for micro content I want to hear about it in the comment section below.  Let us know about it. We look forward to seeing you guys each and every week. We will see you guys next week.

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