The Power of Facebook Dark Posts

Written by Guest Author, Aimee Meester, Founder of Madison Taylor Marketing

It may be inconceivable that such a small social media outlet like Facebook could offer so many great ways to market a company’s service or product — but it’s absolutely true, no matter what the naysayers might think!

The reality is that Facebook is a tour de force, a powerful ally that you can use free-of-charge to give your business an additional presence on the web. Facebook pages allow you to stay connected to your customers, who can post comments and “like” your posts. When handled properly, this can lead to an exponential increase in exposure and overall business.

The social media giant is also home to what could be compared to In-N-Out Burger’s secret menu — the Facebook Dark Post. Because for those who know about it, the possibilities are endless.

What is a Facebook Dark Post?

Everyone probably realizes by now how powerful a marketing tool Facebook can be, especially when used in conjunction with multiple marketing strategies, including other social media tools like Twitter. These tools are beneficial because they create a presence that is clearly visible to everyone. A Facebook Dark Post, on the other hand, works covertly. In the shadows, if you will. This a post that you create, but then don’t actually publish. Instead, you save the post in Facebook’s Power Editor, then promote it as either an advertisement or boosted post that is sent to a targeted audience that you have pre-selected.

Why use Facebook Dark Posts?

It may seem strange to create a post and then only send it to a certain number of people. Wouldn’t it be more beneficial if every single post could be seen by everyone, thereby improving the potential of attracting customers? The short answer is … not always. For businesses that create Facebook posts on a regular basis, it’s easy for your timeline to look messy, busy, or — even worse — desperate. Constant advertising can be a turn-off to new and existing customers, and the creation of Facebook Dark Posts is a great way to advertise products or services without being a nuisance on the site. Of course, if your business only posts periodically, this isn’t a problem for you. But posting only periodically also won’t help you maximize your potential leads. And there’s another big plus to using Dark Posts — they allow you to conduct an almost unlimited number of A/B marketing campaigns because instead of putting all your eggs in one basket, i.e. sending out one test to everyone who looks at your timeline, you can create multiple tests aimed at separate groups.

Taking Advantage of Dark Posts

Once you master the techniques of using Facebook Dark Posts, you could very well open yourself up to one of the most useful marketing systems available. What can you do with Dark Posts? To give you an example of what it’s capable of, let’s say you own a donut shop and your biggest competition is Krispy Kreme. With the use of Facebook’s location filter and Dark Posts, you can not only target everyone near your shop but also anyone passing through the area who is searching specifically for Krispy Kreme. If you’d like, you can even include a message that directly competes with that company. This is only one way to use Dark Posts, of course. You can also target certain niches, promote a companion product, or create a secret contest, just to name a few other useful strategies.

Facebook has always been a powerful marketing tool and with the creation of Dark Posts, its usefulness has increased astronomically. Once you learn how to utilize these unpublished posts to your advantage, the sky’s the limit!